Civil Protocol

Founder / President

2020 - 2022

Civil Protocol
  • Founded and led Civil Protocol as President from 2020-2022, overseeing a blockchain-based micro-lending initiative that issued over $2k in micro-loans to small businesses in developing nations, empowering entrepreneurs and driving economic growth.
  • The micro-lending platform had a repayment rate of 85%, demonstrating the success of the initiative in providing financial support to underserved entrepreneurs.
  • Developed a BEP20 smart contract for the CFC token on the Binance Smart Chain, achieving a $1M market cap within the first 10 months of deployment, resulting in a >100000% increase in token value. The smart contract facilitated seamless interoperability and low transaction fees, ensuring faster and cost-effective transactions for users. Additionally, the CFC token had over 5,000 holders and was traded on multiple exchanges, indicating a high level of user adoption and trust in the platform.
  • Launched and maintained a decentralized application (dApp) that supported small businesses and drove growth in emerging economies, resulting in a 25% increase in active users within the first 3 months. The dApp provided continuous support for small businesses, facilitated access to financial resources, and contributed to their growth and development. The dApp had a user retention rate of 80%, indicating high user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Leveraged the power of blockchain technology to create a secure, transparent, and efficient micro-lending platform that benefitted underprivileged entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborated with fintech experts to contribute to the growth of the blockchain community and ensure innovation and best practices, resulting in a 40% increase in brand awareness for Civil Protocol. This collaboration fostered the adoption of new features that increased user engagement, promoted knowledge sharing and learning, and created a network of like-minded individuals passionate about using technology for social impact. Civil Protocol's social media following increased by 200%, and the platform's website received over 1000 monthly visits, demonstrating a growing interest and engagement with the platform. Fostered collaboration with other blockchain and fintech experts to ensure that Civil Protocol remained at the forefront of innovation and best practices.